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ISSN 1460-1176

- Formerly published as JOURNAL OF GARDEN HISTORY

- Gardens around the world, ancient and modern, are the focus of the scholarly STUDIES IN THE HISTORY OF GARDENS AND DESIGNED LANDSCAPES, which attempts to clarify and value the idea of the garden as part of culture. Readers have access to a wide range of articles. Topics have included the Boboli Gardens' fountains in sixteenth-century Florence, ancient Roman garden rooms, and the garden designs for Battery Park City in New York and the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Issues occasionally expand on a single theme such as Chinese gardens or relating the immediate garden to the larger landscape. Each lengthy article is well researched, fully documented, and illustrated with pertinent diagrams, drawings, and photographs wherever possible. For those interested in additional historical treatment of many aspects of gardening, several books on the topic are thoroughly reviewed each issue (Katz).

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