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ISSN 1364-2529

- Munslow (Staffordshire Univ., UK) and Rosenstone (California Inst. of Technology) publish this new peer-reviewed "Journal of Theory and Practice" with the aid of an equally distinguished editorial board of 18 and advisory board of 36. Largely grounded in a postmodernist challenge to "objective" history -- a challenge the inaugural editorial claims most historians long ago conceded -- the articles, ranging from four to seven per issue, grant theory and practice fairly even balance. Articles range from an examination of mourning practices in post-World War I France to "Beyond Irony and Relativism: What Is Postmodern History For?" In addition, each issue of RETHINKING HISTORY features reviews of a half-dozen scholarly books, mostly more than a year old. The editors plan one theme issue for each volume, with tentatively scheduled topics including the role of film, a new form of historical writing, and connections between the writing of history and the writing of fiction (Katz).

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